The F.B.I. Suicide Squad

For several years there have been rumors around Washington that the F.B.I. has a Suicide Squad — a group of men who have no regular duties, but who wait for the one inevitable assignment from which there will be no return.

People have wondered just what kind of men comprise this Suicide Squad—and why.

Six months ago there had been five of them. Two months ago there were four. Now there were only three — Kerrigan and Murdoch and Klaw.

This is how author Emile C. Tepperman introduces the three main characters of this series of 23 stories filled with hard-boiled action.

Tepperman was born in New York City in 1899 and started writing full-time in 1934. He was a prolific writer who published hundreds of pulp stories in magazines such as The Spider, Secret Agent X, Dime Mystery Magazine, and Ace G-Man Stories. He died just 52 years old in 1951.

In the May-June 1939 issue of Ace G-Man Stories, the first story of the F.B.I Suicide Squad appeared. And over the coming four years, he wrote and published over 20 stories featuring the three agents for the F.B.I. These hard-boiled, no-nonsense crime fighters aim for justice, no matter the costs.

The publishing company Yabot is now taking these classic stories and produce audiobook versions narrated by Leonard Wells. The covers are illustrated with original artwork by Daniel Arteaga.